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Neck, Headache & Posture

Headaches/Migraine - “It was like a knife through my eye!”

Headaches can occur with little warning and cause debilitating pain - especially those starting in the neck and referring to the head, behind the eyes, beneath you skull and into the sinuses. The most common headache (90%) of all is the 'tension' headache.

Migraines are the lancing, often sickening and debilitating. Common symptoms are sensitivity to light and nausea, they can last for hours with piercing pain behind the eyes. Correcting function of the neck, sinuses and restoring flexibility are key in dealing with nearly every type of headache sufferer.


Nothing has a greater impact on your spine than the way you stand, sit and sleep. It can’t be overstated. Prolonged sitting, particularly with school aged children or office bound workers have an extremely high likelihood of succumbing to neck and postural related problems.
Our near total reliance on computers and mobile phones combined with prolonged hours behind a desk are the ultimate culprits. Just think what this is doing to your spine….better still, look what its doing!

To arrange an analysis of your spine and posture, call Dr Dean Carter at Living Chiropractic & Wellness and make a time - 09 2393799

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Back & Leg Pain

We know what it’s like! Low back pain is far too common. Over 79% of people will suffer from it at some part of their life. From muscle spasms, a bulging disc, lifting injuries, falls, sports, pinched nerves or even prolonged sitting or standing. It may range from stiffness getting out of bed to a crippling sharp pain with associated muscle spasms.

You will be in the hands of experts. Nothing gives us more pleasure than when we can help avoid a painful, costly surgery or freeing clients from pain killers. We recognise what you already know…. That no-one enjoys the prospect of surgery or taking unnecessary medication.
You don’t have to put up with it. Call now to arrange your appointment.
We are happy to help…09 239 3799

Sciatica and Leg Pain

The term “sciatica” refers to an irritation of the sciatic nerve, which begins at the base of your spine. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body and is roughly the diameter of a finger. It branches from the spinal nerves in the lower lumbar and sacral regions. It then joins together to form one very large nerve that extends all the way down the back of your leg to your big toe.

Health & Wellness

Since 1895, patients have been seeking chiropractic care, not only as effective relief for back and neck problems, but for improved function in all areas of their life. Our philosophy is simple, get well-stay well for a life-time. Despite all that our team can provide by way of injury recovery, back and neck problems and headaches, our favourite kind of work is dealing with people who love taking care of themselves!

We have a strong emphasis on Family Chiropractic Wellness Care, we know that families who use regular chiropractic care are healthier and cope better with health challenges.
“But why would kids need checking? They don’t get sore backs!”

That’s right! But think for a second about what a growing spine goes through! Birth-crawling-falling-walking-running-tackling-wrestling-sitting and sitting and sitting- accidents…the list goes on. The process of damaging a spine begins early. You don’t just wake up at 40 saying “Whoops, my back’s sore time to fix it”...... although thousands do!

Elderly Care

Chiropractors help millions of senior citizens regain control of their lives every year. Our chiropractic care plans are designed to help reduce acute and chronic pain, increase flexibility, improve mobility and function, increase strength, enhance balance, and increase the overall quality of one's life.

NEW RESEARCH: Improved Ageing, Less Falls.

A growing body of research suggests that chiropractic care may slow the rate of functional decline as you age, preserve your autonomy, improve your well-being and reduce accidents. It could also save New Zealand millions of dollars in the longer term. Dr Kelly Holt, Dean of Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and his team recently published the results of a research study in New Zealand which has shown chiropractic care in a group aged 65 to 89 can significantly impact several factors that influence the prevention of falls.

Child & Early Development

Chiropractic is renowned to be the safest form of natural healthcare that will help keep your children healthy, balanced and thriving for a lifetime, and they love it.
We have a special focus in our office on keeping Kiwi kids thriving and optimal in sport, academics and life. If these are values that are important to you then our chiropractic care is a great fit for your family and lifestyle.

  • Maximise and increase brain and nerve development
  • Enhance overall wellbeing
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Reduce chance of asthma, ear infections, colic, allergies, learning challenges
  • Improve spinal posture
  • Assist with greater emotional wellbeing
  • Improved sleep and behaviour
  • Improved concentration

Pregnancy & Newborn

More women are choosing chiropractic first for the obvious benefits of better posture and maximising their own health so that pregnancy is a greater experience. Chiropractic can help prepare your body to be strong, flexible and balanced to carry your baby. Regular visits during pregnancy can help to assure optimum spine and pelvis alignment that may reduce interventions during birth.

Some Benefits for Pregnancy & Birthing May Include:

  • Correct pelvic alignment to allow room for baby to move and grow
  • Reduce pregnancy discomforts, nausea, heart burn, back pain, constipation, shortness of breath
  • Reduce labour time by 24% in first time mums and 39% in experienced mothers
  • Reduce in-utero constraint on the baby
  • Reduce the possibility of assisted births eg: forceps, vacuum extraction & c-section
  • Improved pelvic floor and core muscle function-see new research

As your baby grows, considerable stress is placed on muscles, ligaments, joints and overall posture of a woman’s spine. To make matters worse, the pelvis may begin to rotate to allow for the developing baby. This can lead to distortion of the surrounding connective tissue and pelvic dystocia (a common cause of failure to progress in labour)

Sport & Outdoors

Get Back Out There

We understand that you want to get back to playing sports as quickly as possible. We’ll work with you and your coaches to get you participating again as quickly as possible without risking further damage.

Sports injuries commonly occur in the body’s extremities. Dr. Dean is trained to help you with problems relating to:

  • Ankle pain and sprains
  • Arms falling asleep
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Knees
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists

Optimal Athletic Performance

Thousands of amateur and professional athletes have been utilizing the regular chiropractic care.

In fact it’s estimated that 90% of the worlds top athletes use chiropractors. More recently professional athletic teams employ team chiropractors to regularly check the spines of their players for spinal subluxations on a regular and daily basis for optimal body function and pain management.

Office & Corporate Wellness

Living Chiropractic & Wellness has been setting the bar for onsite, corporate health workshops. Our focus on medication-free living, self-management and a healthier lifestyle, means everything learnt can be applied with a minimum of cost or time.
We cover healthy living, your spine through the ages, how damage through youth and development has serious affects on our current performance, how the spine and nervous system works and what can be done to not only improve your spine’s function, but excel in every facet of our lives.

Our polished presenters can also offer confidential one-on-one assessments to your staff. During this time, the barriers are smashed. Your staff will love you for it! Someone is now there to help them, completely free of obligation, and discuss the concerns they thought they would have to “just live with”!

We have several options and fee structures so please call to discuss. 09 2393799

Plant-Based Essential Oils (PBEOs)

We only use the purest plant-based essential oils available on our planet because getting the best results requires the highest quality products. Our goal is to offer a safe alternative solution for natural health and healing.

Are you wondering, “What is an essential oil?” They are aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, root, flowers, and other parts of plants. They have been used throughout history in multiple cultures tracing back as far as the Romans, Christ, and Egyptians just to name a few.

They are purely natural not synthetic, they are 50-75x more potent than herbs, and address not only the symptom but more importantly the cause and with out the side effects!

You are only as healthy as your cells! So, what are you doing about your cell health? I bet you are wondering if there is anything you can do to affect your cellular health expression? The answer is YES! Essential oils are so powerful that they can penetrate your cell membrane begin to repair cell DNA!

Massage Therapy

We refer patients out to our preferred experienced massage and bodywork professionals.
Massage therapy comes highly recommended in our centre and is effective alongside chiropractic wellness care. It’s often been used as a special treat or something luxurious, however we see it as an essential part of restoring optimal health.

Techniques we recommend include:

  • Myofascial release
  • PNF
  • Trigger Point
  • Deep tissue
  • Sports
  • Relaxation
  • Swedish
  • Remedial Aromatouch

Educational Seminar Presentations

Health Presentations that will empower your life

‘Knowledge is power’, and our team invite you and your family and friends to attend outstanding, fun and educational presentations. Our doctors are also available to do health presentations to local schools, staff meetings, Rotary and Lions Clubs, and businesses. Everyone in our community is welcome to attend these mini “Hour of Power” seminars, discover new tools and cutting-edge information to help improve your life.

Our presentation topics include:

  • Chiro-Wellness 101 – The 5 cornerstones of health. This presentation is essential to get great results and covers the 5 most important things for you to know along with your chiropractic wellness schedule and plan.
  • Essential Oils 101 - This presentation for many is a life-changing experience. The power of pure essential oils to support healing and reduce stress will take you to a new level and respect for these plant-based essential oils.
  • S.A.D – Stress, Anxiety and Depression – are you SAD? Don’t miss the most popular healthtalk in our office and learn more tools to beat stress.
  • The Truth About Food – its no big secret, you are what you eat, and this uplifting thought provoking talk should give you some palatable tools to simply transform your health.

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