Stretches for your spine
In addition to spinal adjustments, flexibility and conditioning are essential for spinal health. Keeping the muscles and other tissues around your spine toned and flexible is very important. This resource provides the key stretches you should be incorporating into your daily routine to maintain a healthy spine. Download stretches for your spine (PDF)

Exercises for your spine
The muscles of your back support your upper-body weight, enable you to move, and protect the spinal structures from harm. While your muscles must maintain a certain degree of flexibility, they also need strength and endurance. This resource provides you with daily strengthening exercises. Download exercises for your spine (PDF)

Protecting your spine
No matter how hard you try, avoiding all the situations that may be stressful to your spine is impossible. However there are some techniques that can help to protect your body. Here are some techniques to protect your back particularly during lifting. Download protectiing your spine (PDF)

Stress and your spine
Lifting is not the only kind of physical stress that can damage your spine. Small repetitive movements, falls, sleeping incorrectly, and long periods of sitting are other examples. Stress and your spine (PDF)

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