Office & Corporate Wellness

Living Chiropractic & Wellness has been setting the bar for onsite, corporate health workshops. Our focus on medication-free living, self-management and a healthier lifestyle, means everything learnt can be applied with a minimum of cost or time.
We cover healthy living, your spine through the ages, how damage through youth and development has serious affects on our current performance, how the spine and nervous system works and what can be done to not only improve your spine’s function, but excel in every facet of our lives.

Our polished presenters can also offer confidential one-on-one assessments to your staff. During this time, the barriers are smashed. Your staff will love you for it! Someone is now there to help them, completely free of obligation, and discuss the concerns they thought they would have to “just live with”!

We have several options and fee structures so please call to discuss. 09 2393799