Health & Wellness

Since 1895, patients have been seeking chiropractic care, not only as effective relief for back and neck problems, but for improved function in all areas of their life. Our philosophy is simple, get well-stay well for a life-time. Despite all that our team can provide by way of injury recovery, back and neck problems and headaches, our favourite kind of work is dealing with people who love taking care of themselves!

We have a strong emphasis on Family Chiropractic Wellness Care, we know that families who use regular chiropractic care are healthier and cope better with health challenges.
“But why would kids need checking? They don’t get sore backs!”

That’s right! But think for a second about what a growing spine goes through! Birth-crawling-falling-walking-running-tackling-wrestling-sitting and sitting and sitting- accidents…the list goes on. The process of damaging a spine begins early. You don’t just wake up at 40 saying “Whoops, my back’s sore time to fix it”...... although thousands do!

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