Why People Choose Us?

  • Modern holistic-wellness centre, looking at cause and not just symptoms.
  • Family and community focused.
  • Wellness care for newborn to elderly.
  • Acute injury, Corrective care and Wellness care Chiropractic from pain to optimal health and wellness.
  • Excellence and awareness of current research and advances in chiropractic and modern health.
  • Chiropractic techniques include: Diversified, Thompson Drop-table, Gonstead, Activator, SOT, Toggle Recoil, Sympathetic Dominence Protocol (SD Protocol), Cranial.
  • Only pure Plant-Based Essential Oils used in office (PBEOs), doTERRA essential oils - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).
  • Advanced Chiropractic Technology; Insight Millennium Neuro-scan, neurological and orthopedic testing, chiropractic testing, and radiographic examination (if required).
  • We serve Pukekohe, Tuakau and district including; Huntly, Onewhero, Port Waikato, Te Kauwhata, Kaiaua, Mangatawhiri, Waiuku, Bombay, Ararimu, and Karaka.
  • Lots of parking outside our office (no parking ticket worries).
  • Convenient and flexible appointment times.
  • Affordable family fees for 3-10 person families.
  • ACC Registered, GP visit not required to apply.

Who uses Chiropractic Wellness Care?

People who use our services range from newborn babies just a few hours old to elderly, our oldest patients are over 90 years old. We also see many high performance athletes, injured people of all ages, people wanting the edge in their life, organ complaints, dogs, children with behavioral issues, sleeping problems, nutritional and digestive complaints, respiratory and heart complaints, muscle pain, and much much more…

Is Chiropractic Right For Me?

Our care is safe and effective and is suitable and tailored to all ages in our office. Chiropractic is arguably the worlds most used and popular natural health care for many reasons, the main one being its focus of improving nervous system function. Who doesn’t want to be at optimal function?

What is a Spinal Subluxation?

Chiropractors help to detect Spinal Subluxations (these can be areas of spinal malfunction causing nervous system ‘static’ or ‘interference’). Spinal Subluxations (SS) can interfere with the flow of crucial body communication along your nerves and may dramatically affect the function of your body in many different ways.
Our focus is to analyze and locate SS and then help people reduce and eliminate them. This can help to improve the flow of communication throughout your nervous system and often improves the function of your spine. Then, because of the reduced SS your body is better able to coordinate its functions, adapt to stress and heal itself. Many people then find relief from aches, pains and the symptoms of a huge range of conditions, and grow to be more flexible and healthy.

What causes Spinal Subluxations?

Spinal Subluxations (SS) are caused by any stress that overwhelms your body.
There are 3 Main Types of Stress

  • Physical Stress

A fall no matter how long ago (even as a toddler), slips, horse falls, car and bike accidents, difficult and traumatic childbirth or delivery, repetitive movements, poor posture, dental work, surgery, working in awkward positions, long car rides, being a couch potato.

  • Chemical Stress

Junk food, toxins, additives and chemicals in foods and bodycare, toxic sprays, cigarettes, medications, vaccinations, drug use.

  • Mental and Emotional Stress

- Tension, poor relationships, low self esteem, financial and work pressure, arguments, life and career changes, emotional shock when your energy is low, pushing yourself to hard.

Long-standing Spinal Subluxations (SS) cause spinal damage and degeneration to the soft tissues around the SS. Chiropractic can help to reduce and halt spinal degeneration by improving spinal balance and posture and therefore keeping your joints, nerves and discs healthy and strong. Of course, the best approach to spinal degeneration is to prevent it in the first place! That’s why regular spinal checkups for the whole family should be part of everyone’s healthcare regime.

What Techniques do we use?

At Living Chiropractic & Wellness, we do our homework to determine exactly what you need. We’ll walk you through the process of the adjustment before beginning, and only do so when you decide you’re ready. We use both hands-on and instrument-based adjusting techniques and will listen to your preferences. The methods we use include; Diversified, Activator, Thompson Drop Table, and Gonstead. We’ll customise our approach to you, making sure you have a wonderfully positive healing experience.