Back & Leg Pain

We know what it’s like! Low back pain is far too common. Over 79% of people will suffer from it at some part of their life. From muscle spasms, a bulging disc, lifting injuries, falls, sports, pinched nerves or even prolonged sitting or standing. It may range from stiffness getting out of bed to a crippling sharp pain with associated muscle spasms.

You will be in the hands of experts. Nothing gives us more pleasure than when we can help avoid a painful, costly surgery or freeing clients from pain killers. We recognise what you already know…. That no-one enjoys the prospect of surgery or taking unnecessary medication.
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Sciatica and Leg Pain

The term “sciatica” refers to an irritation of the sciatic nerve, which begins at the base of your spine. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body and is roughly the diameter of a finger. It branches from the spinal nerves in the lower lumbar and sacral regions. It then joins together to form one very large nerve that extends all the way down the back of your leg to your big toe.

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